Ramadan grant registrations end Thursday and investigations about the beneficiaries – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

Today, Tuesday, the Ministry of Interior and Local Communities announced that the registration process for the solidarity grant for the holy month of Ramadan is open until January 5th.

In a statement, the Ministry called on male and female citizens, heads of families without income, and vulnerable groups from the society sponsored by them within the national solidarity programs who are not registered in the benefit lists, and who meet the conditions for benefit stipulated in Joint Ministerial Instruction No. 1 of April 16, 2019, to register in the process with interest. Social Affairs in the municipality of their place of residence by submitting a request form to benefit from the grant, which can be downloaded from the Ministry’s website.

Citizens who changed their place of residence should approach the municipality of their new place of residence to complete the procedures of deletion and registration again, attached to the registration application form. On the other hand, the beneficiaries of the last year’s grant are exempted from renewing the application unless their marital status changes and they no longer meet the conditions for benefiting from the solidarity grant for the holy month of Ramadan, and they will also be the subject of social investigations by the municipality’s interests in coordination with the competent interests, especially the Directorate of Social Activity.

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