Razik and Zagdar call for the need to redouble efforts to raise the rate of integration into productive institutions – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

Ministers of Trade, Export Promotion and Industry, respectively, Kamel Rizik and Ahmed Zagdar, called today, Tuesday, from the governorate of Bordj Bou Arreridj, for the need to increase the rate of integration with production institutions to enter the export world.
The Minister of Commerce and Export Promotion stated, during a press statement on the sidelines of “Open Doors” about the export of household electrical products and electronic equipment at the state headquarters, which carried the slogan “Reality and Prospects,” that the state “will accompany economic institutions specialized in electrical and electronic equipment in the export process, provided that they raise The inclusion rate must exceed 40 percent.
Razik added that “the program of his ministerial sector to support national products that have export capabilities, such as the oil and dates branches, which was launched in Algiers, will conclude in the state of Bordj Bou Arreridj through the open doors on electronic and household electrical products that have become of good quality and competitive in European markets and African.”
He also said, “We also aim to increase the volume of non-hydrocarbon exports until the value of exports for the current year 2023 reaches $250 million.”
For his part, the Minister of Industry stated that Algerian products “have become of a quality comparable to imported products, and that some electronic products have an integration rate of between 80 and 90 percent,” saying, “They are encouraging experiences, and we hope that other products, such as textiles, will follow suit.” And leather, iron and electricity.”
Zagdar also highlighted that his ministerial sector is working to “update a decree to prepare an appropriate integration network by setting a minimum integration rate for the products of economic dealers with the aim of benefiting from tax incentives, which will allow the provision of a product at a lower cost and an appropriate price comparable to imported products.”
With regard to the device for detecting gas leaks, which is manufactured by a private company specialized in the manufacture of electronic equipment in the state, the Minister of Industry said that “this product will be presented to the competent authorities, and if it obtains conformity, its import will be stopped, provided that it guarantees coverage of the needs of the national market.”
On the occasion, a side-by-side meeting was held with investors and industrialists in the state, during which the two ministers intervened before honoring a group of producers.
The two ministers also supervised, at the level of the Mashta Fatima industrial zone, the signal to launch a shipment of household electrical products (refrigerators and freezers) belonging to the “Condor” complex destined for export to Tunisia. The dry port was also visited.
It should be noted that the organization of this economic demonstration, which will continue until February 4, with the participation of 10 economic operators in the manufacture and installation of electronic and household appliances, comes under the high patronage of the Ministers of Trade and Export Promotion and Industry.

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