Razik: Businessmen Forum “Algeria-Sahel” is a real opportunity to develop intra-trade – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

Minister of Trade and Export Promotion Kamal Rizik said Friday in Tamanrasset that the “Algeria-Sahel” businessmen forum is a real opportunity to develop and strengthen intra-trade and embody economic integration.

During his supervision of the launch of the activities of this forum at the Tahat Hotel in Tamanrasset, in the presence of the Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts, Yassine Hammadi, the Minister of Trade and Industry of the State of Mali, the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Trade in the State of Niger, and members of the diplomatic corps for each of the countries of Mali, Niger, Mauritania, Chad and Burkina Faso, said that Tamanrasset It hosts the first meeting of businessmen “Algeria-Sahel”. For the first time, all the countries of the Sahel meet in the capital of the Sahel, Tamanrasset, to discuss ways to develop and strengthen intra-trade between these countries. There will also be an opportunity to discuss activating exchange in the field of trade and tourism cooperation.

He added that the presence of the heads of the chambers of commerce of these countries will contribute to the formation of the first inter-exchange platform to build bridges of communication between the economic dealers of these countries.

The Minister of Commerce and Export Promotion praised the great role played by chambers of commerce and councils of business leaders in contributing to bringing together points of view and accompanying economic dealers in developing exchanges among them.

Raziq mentioned, on the occasion, that the volume of intra-trade between African countries does not exceed 15 percent, which is equivalent to 2 percent of world trade, calling in this regard on the economic dealers to the need to develop intra-trade between them in the Sahel region according to the win-win rule.

He pointed out that the Assihar demonstration is an opportunity to increase intra-regional exchanges, especially after the establishment of the African Free Trade Zone, and the establishment of trade bases in the border areas will contribute to supporting trade exchanges towards Africa, and Tamanrasset will be a real gateway to Africa.

Mali and Algeria have historical relations

For his part, the Minister of Trade and Industry of the State of Mali, Mohamed Auld Mouloud, affirmed that Mali and Algeria have historical relations, stressing that economic integration in the region can only be achieved through trade exchanges, highlighting the trade relationship between Algeria and the State of Mali, which must be upgraded through – he also added the establishment of an established cooperation framework. for wealth.

The importance of the road linking Tindouf and Zouerate

For his part, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania to Algeria, Wadadi Ould Sidi Haiba, highlighted the importance of the road linking Tindouf (Algeria) and Zouerate (Mauritania) because of its great repercussions in establishing partnership opportunities between Algeria and Mauritania and between Algeria and various African countries.

The same Mauritanian diplomat also indicated that this axis will be a nucleus for advancing intra-trade and encouraging businessmen between Algeria and their counterparts in Mauritania to build more exchange and coordination mechanisms to achieve the desired trade exchange.

An essential axis to support exchanges between the Sahel countries and African countries

In his turn, the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Commerce of the State of Niger, Abdou Ibrahim, welcomed this initiative, which, as he said, constitutes an essential axis for strengthening exchanges between the Sahel countries and African countries as a whole, in order to help establish the African market.

For his part, the President of the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kamal Hamni, stated that the “Algeria-Sahel Countries” Businessmen Forum will contribute to creating a dynamism for commercial exchanges in the Sahel region, stressing at the same time the importance of finding a strong legal and legislative reference to organize these exchanges to achieve the expected goals.

On the same occasion, I signed a memorandum of understanding between the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and the Chadian Chamber of Commerce, including the establishment of an Algerian-Chadian businessmen’s council.

The organization of the “Algeria – Sahel Countries” Businessmen Forum comes within the framework of the Asehar demonstration (December 23, 2022-January 6, 2023), which kicked off this Friday in the capital of Ahaggar.

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