Razik: We seek to raise the value of date exports to 250 million dollars – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The Minister of Trade and Export Promotion, Kamal Rizik, affirmed that there is no country in the world that competes with Algerian dates in terms of quality, adding that despite the leadership position it occupies in terms of agricultural exports in our country, it has the enormous capabilities and potential to double its exports given the abundance of national production of this substance. Which is estimated at more than 1.2 million tons annually.

In his speech supervising the opening of the national days for the export of dates and their derivatives, the Minister of Commerce indicated that Algeria exports dates to about 74 countries with the ambition to export about 150 countries in the future, provided that the desired goal is achieved by reaching an income of $250 million, explaining that the good reputation and quality of Algerian dates And competitive prices will enable the achievement of the set goals, explaining that the production and export of dates will contribute to diversifying the sources of national income from hard currency, as this division dominates the exports of agricultural products in our country with a share of more than 90 percent.

In another context, Minister Rizik denied treating dates produced in Algeria in general with chemicals, indicating that the process that allows the transition to organic farming for many producers is not complicated.

The Minister of Trade added that there are no certification bodies for organic products recognized in European markets accredited in Algeria. Stressing, in the same context, that work will be done in coordination with the various ministerial sectors concerned to provide, as soon as possible, all administrative facilities to establish or attract certification bodies for organic products in Algeria, which are recognized in major global markets, in order to allow Algerian farmers, producers and exporters, especially producers of dates and Its derivatives benefit from this service and obtain accreditation for their products at the international level.

He also announced the opening of national workshops for all people with export capabilities, addressing problems, and developing mechanisms and policies in order to enhance Algeria’s exports, while there will be 58 exhibitions of dates across the various states of the country, extending for three full days.

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