Residents of Baraki neighborhoods complain about the accumulation of waste – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryya

Residents of the Ben Ayoub, Marja and Al-Manasiriya neighborhoods in Baraki, Algeria, complain about the accumulation of waste in the neighborhoods, which have become intolerable because of the unpleasant odors, which also causes the distortion of these neighborhoods.

The residents, headed by the member of the National People’s Assembly, Belfathi Tawfiq, confirmed that the trucks assigned to remove the garbage did not enter the neighborhood for a while to carry out their work, although the concerned company placed advertisements and posters in the neighborhoods specifying the conditions, times and places for throwing the garbage, but it did not fulfill its promise. And the situation remained the same.

The residents fear that the absence of the trucks assigned to remove the garbage from the neighborhoods will be prolonged, especially since the smells have become disturbing to the residents and have become an environmental threat and a threat to public health and the cleanliness of the surroundings. This absence, which is understood to be intended by officials, should not be overlooked. According to the tongue Belfathi Tawfiq.

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