Ronaldo sends a message to his fans after the elimination

The captain of the Portuguese national football team, Cristiano Ronaldo, published a message to his fans after the end of the World Cup dream and the exclusion from the World Cup in Qatar yesterday in a match against Morocco.

The football fanatic said, “Winning the World Cup for Portugal was the biggest and most ambitious dream of my career. Fortunately, I won many titles of international proportions, including Portugal, but putting our country’s name on the highest foot in the world was my biggest dream.”

I fought for it.

And he continued, “I fought hard for this dream, in the 5 times I scored in the World Cup over the course of 16 years, always with the great players and with the support of millions of Portuguese, I gave everything I had. Leave everything off the field. I never turned to fight, and I never gave up on that dream.

And he added, “Unfortunately, the dream ended yesterday. It does not deserve a reaction to the heat. I want you all to know that much has been said, much written, much speculated, but my devotion to Portugal has not changed for a moment. I was always one fighting for everyone’s goal and would never turn my back on my team mates and my country.

There isn’t much to say now. Thank you, Portugal. Thank you, Qatar. The dream was sweet as long as… Now, we hope the weather will be a good counselor and allow each person to draw their own conclusions.

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