SAFEX organizes 36 economic events in 2023 – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The Algerian Company for Exhibitions and Exports “Safex” announced today, Wednesday, the organization of about 36 events in various specialized and public economic fields, at the Palace of Exhibitions (Al-Sawnubar Al-Bahari), east of the capital, in the year 2023.

SAFEX stated on its website that it intends to organize a salon and forum for transport and commercial transit, which will take place from January 30 to February 1, and the International Exhibition for Ventilation, Electricity, Heating, and Air Conditioning (January 30-February 2).

Next February, five salons are expected to be organized, namely the International Exhibition of Small Enterprises (from 2 to 5 February), the Salon of Electricity and Renewable Energies (from 23 to 26 February), the International Salon of Pharmacy in Algiers (from 15 to 18 February), the International Salon of Materials Beauty (from February 15 to 18), the International Salon of Security Systems and Fire Protection (from February 26 to March 1).

Regarding the month of March, the SAFEX program is anticipating the organization of the Women’s Salon from (2 to 8 March), the Algerian Exhibition for Drinks (from 6 to 9 March), the Salon of Tourism and Outdoor Adventure (from 7 to 10 March), and the International Salon for Car Aftersales Services. equipment and services for mobility in North Africa “Equip Auto” (from 13 to 16 March), the salon “Mother and Child” (from 14 to 18 March) and the International Salon of Home Appliances (from 16 to 20 March), the trade and cultural event “Ramadan in Palace” (from March 21 to April 18).

The expected events during the month of May are: the International Exhibition of Building, Building Materials and Public Works “Batimatak” (from 7 to 11 May), the Wedding and Childbirth Fair (from 26 to 31 May) and the International Exhibition of Agricultural Equipment and Livestock Breeding (from 22 to 25 May). ).

As for the month of June, the Palais des Exhibitions will witness the organization of the professional exhibition of the food industry “Jazgro” (from 5 to 8 June) and the International Exhibition of Algiers (from 19 to 24 June).

After a break in July and August, SAFEX will resume its program in September with the organization of the School Access and Shopping Salon (September 1 to 11), the International Salon of Wood, Woodworking, Equipment and Technologies (September 18 to 21), the E-Commerce Salon (September 20 to 23) and the Salon International Security “Secura” (from September 19 to 21).

In October, SAFEX will organize five exhibitions: the International Professional Salon for Industry (from October 9 to 12), the Professional Salon for Hotel and Catering (from October 11 to 14), and the National Salon for Chocolate and Coffee “Shocaf” (from October 11 to 14). ), the Algerian Salon of Hygiene (from 11 to 14 October) and the International Salon of Laboratory and Medical Imaging (from 25 to 28 October).

Five events are also scheduled for November: the Salon of Fit-out and Decoration (November 7-12), the International Salon of Public Works (November 13-17), the International Salon of the Ceramic Industry (November 13-16), and the International Salon of Waste Recycling and Valorization. In Algiers (November 13-16), the International Handling Exhibition (November 14-17) and the International Exhibition of Industrial Maintenance in Algiers (November 28-30).

Next December, the Algerian Company for Exhibitions and Exports “Safex” intends to organize the Algerian Production Exhibition (from December 17 to 26), as well as the Banking, Insurance and Financial Products Exhibition in the same period.

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