Saudi Arabia stumbles in front of Poland – the Algerian dialogue

The Saudi national team was defeated by its Polish counterpart, with two goals without a response, in the framework of the second round of the World Cup groups.

The match witnessed the failure of Salem Al-Dossary to score the equalizer for his country after goalkeeper Chesney saved the penalty kick that the Saudi national team had received minutes before the end of the first half.

Before Lewandowski returned himself this time and scored the second goal for his country in the 82nd minute of the match, ending Saudi Arabia’s hopes of achieving a historic qualification for the World Cup final price.

And the Saudi national team could have decided its qualification directly for the round of sixteen of the World Cup if it had achieved victory in today’s match, as its score would have been 6 points at the top of the standings of its group.

However, after the loss, Saudi Arabia’s balance settled at 3 points in second place, while Poland came on top with 4 points, awaiting the result of the Argentina-Mexico match at the end of the day.

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