Sayhi stresses the importance of digitization through the preparation of a national digital network for heart patients and drinkers – El Hewar Algeria

The Minister of Health, Abd al-Haq Saihi, supervised the opening of the meeting devoted to studying the issue of taking care of heart and arterial diseases, today, Tuesday, at the Ministry’s headquarters, in the presence of the central administration’s executives, professors and researchers in heart diseases.

At the outset, the Minister of Health expressed his pleasure in supervising this important meeting, which aims to provide optimal care for patients with heart and arteries by finding appropriate mechanisms for that, indicating that this issue concerns everyone, so we must work side by side to reach the desired goals.

And on this occasion, Abdul Haq Saihi stressed that the preventive aspect is considered one of the most important means and methods to avoid the occurrence of heart and arterial diseases, and for this reason, prevention was included in the second axis of the PAM patient’s action plan.

As the Minister of Health pointed out, the Algerian state has harnessed huge capabilities of highly advanced medical equipment and devices for medical care that is at the level of patients’ aspirations, so we had to think about developing a national strategy for the prevention and care of heart and drinking diseases that would be sufficient to reduce the exacerbation of the disease on the one hand and Optimum and rapid care of patients at all levels, from diagnosis to treatment on the other hand.

In the same context, the Minister stressed, to ensure optimal care for their health conditions and facilitate the process of access to treatment.

Finally, the Minister wished success for the work of this meeting and reaching valuable outputs that serve the patient’s interest.

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