Schoolchildren of the municipality of “Golta Sidi Saad” in Laghouat hosted by the National People’s Assembly – Al-Hiwar Algeria

Within the framework of enabling students and pupils from different educational stages, and across all the provinces of the country, to learn about the status and role of the National People’s Assembly in the political life of the country, today, Tuesday, a group of pupils from the schools of the municipality of “Golta Sidi Saad” in the wilaya of Laghouat, under the supervision of the two associations, Hands of Good And Sawaed Al-Ihsan, and the Algerian Red Crescent Office, made a pedagogical visit to the National People’s Assembly. The Council’s visitors were received by the Vice-President of the Council, Nasser Bteish, and the Vice-Chairman of the Housing, Equipment, Irrigation and Urban Development Committee, Belkacem Belmoise.

During the visit, the visitors of the Council listened to a presentation by a legislative assistant, in the Sessions Hall, in which he dealt with the history of this constitutional institution, starting from its transformation from the one-chamber system to the two-chamber system. They were also given an overview of its formation and tasks, as well as explanations of its oversight mechanisms and the tasks entrusted to it constitutionally.

After that, the students toured the various administrative and technical departments of the council, including the deputy directorate of the Audiovisual Directorate, as well as the headquarters of the housing, equipment, irrigation and urban development committees, economic affairs and development, industry and planning, the finance and budget committee, health and social affairs, labor and vocational training, and this is in addition to the lecture hall “Rabeh” Bitat,” as well as the headquarters of the National Liberation Front’s parliamentary group.

The students of the schools of the municipality of Qolta Sidi Saad were received in the office of the Vice-President of the National People’s Assembly, Nasser Bteish, who received from them a special honor for the President of the National People’s Assembly, Mr. Ibrahim Bougali.

Before leaving, the students took a souvenir photo at the headquarters of the National People’s Assembly.

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