Screening of the two short films “Open” and “Mania” at Cinematheque Algiers – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

Yesterday, Saturday, at the Algerian Cinematheque Museum (Cinematheque), Algiers, the two short films “Open” and “Mania” were shown, directed by the young Houssem Abassi, who deal with social problems and phenomena.
The scenario of “Open” is a fantasy film, inspired by the director’s daily life, in which he tells the story of a young artist who decided to never leave his room, leaving its door open.
The 14-minute film depicts scenes of the young man withdrawing into himself in a dark room where he does not receive any visitors, even though the door is always open.
As for the short film “Mania”, it deals with the problem of child abuse and neglect, as it was inspired by the story of an orphan young man who was forced to live in an orphanage after many problems in a foster family.
This young man also chose to overcome his painful memories and defend every ill-treated child, but his suffering in childhood prompted him to kidnap children, believing that he was protecting them in this way.
Actors from the Higher Institute of Performing Arts and Audiovisual Arts participated in the two short films, including Nassima Loail, Abdel Aziz Al-Badani and Bilal Belmadani.
“Open” and “Mania” were shown in the framework of the Cinema Club, organized periodically by the Algerian Cinema Museum.

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