Seizure of more than 5 kg of cocaine in Oran

Elements of the judicial police of the security of the state of Oran managed to overthrow a criminal network specialized in dealing in hard drugs, during which more than 5 kg of cocaine were seized, with the arrest of 02 suspects.

According to the police statement, the operation took place after exploiting information that there were two people from one of the border areas with Morocco. Between the ages of 45 and 50, they were planning to pass a quantity of hard drugs on board a vehicle through the port of Oran from Spain.

After monitoring the movements of this vehicle – adds the statement – in coordination with the customs services at the level of the port of Oran. She was stopped and searched by the judicial police services of Oran state security, which seized 05 kg and 794 grams of cocaine and an amount of money amounting to 200 million centimes.

The two suspects were brought before the Public Prosecutor at the Oran Court for the felony of import, possession, transportation and storage. and the delivery of the hard drug cocaine within a transnational organized crime group. Using motorized transportation while smuggling prohibited substances harmful to public health that would harm the national economy.

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