Sidi M’hamed Court.. Convicting Arezki Baraki to 10 years in prison

The National Financial and Economic Criminal Pole of the Sidi M’hamed Court in Algiers, on Thursday, convicted the former director general of the National Agency for Dams and Remittances, Arezki Baraki, to 10 years in prison and a fine of one million dinars, on charges of corruption.

The former Secretary-General of the Ministry of Water Resources, Mustafa Karim Rahyal, and the former director of the National Agency for Dams, the accused fugitive, Qali Abdel Nasser, were convicted with the same penalty, with the support of an international arrest warrant against him.

The verdicts pronounced by the court against the rest of the defendants in this case ranged between 5 years in prison and an acquittal verdict.

For reference, the former minister, Arezki Baraki, in his capacity as former director general of the National Agency for Dams and Transformations, and his co-defendants, who are former executives of the same agency, were charged with squandering public funds, misusing the job, as well as granting undue privileges, and other charges.

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