Significant results for the army forces in confronting attempts to harm the stability of the homeland in 2022 – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

Today, Monday, the Ministry of National Defense revealed the operational outcome of People’s National Army forces during the year 2022, the results of which resulted in qualitative operations of People’s National Army detachments and units in the fight against terrorism and organized crime, and in confronting attempts to undermine the stability and security of the country.

The Ministry of National Defense stated that, in implementation of the instructions of the High Command of People’s National Army, aimed at strengthening efforts, vigilance and permanent readiness, with the aim of confronting all attempts to undermine the security and stability of the country and to defend its sovereignty, the year 2022 was marked by significant results in the field of combating terrorism, smuggling, trafficking in weapons, drugs and organized crime, and that By neutralizing and arresting a large number of terrorists, dismantling several support cells, and destroying a significant number of bunkers that were used by terrorist groups, as shown by the following results:

39 terrorists were neutralized through the elimination of 20 terrorists, and 5 surrendered, while 14 terrorists and 371 support personnel were arrested, and 64 terrorist hideouts and 97 conventional bombs were destroyed. With regard to the retrieval of weapons, the number of recovered pieces amounted to 623 weapons, including 16 heavy machine guns of various calibers, 4 “RPG-7” rocket launchers and 2 “RPG” rocket launchers, in addition to 56 Kalashnikovs and 499 rifles of various types. As well as 39 automatic pistols and 7 remote detonation systems. The recalls also included 605 shells of various calibers, 35 stores and ammunition tapes, and 31 kg of explosive materials.

With regard to the fight against drug trafficking and promotion, 2016 drug dealers were arrested and 48.54 tons of drugs and 35.87 kg of cocaine were seized, as well as huge quantities of hallucinogenic pills – 10910403 -. On the other hand, in the framework of combating speculation and manipulation of the Algerians’ livelihood, army units seized 2543 tons of Smuggled foodstuffs. And seized 1,165 wagons, 973.4 tons of a mixture of gold ore and stones. On the other hand, army units thwarted several illegal immigration attempts and rescued 5,767 people, while 8,750 illegal immigrants were arrested across the border.

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