Sonatrach announces the results of the recruitment competition selection for the Algerian state of Laghouat-El Hewar

Sonatrach announced today, Saturday, the results of the recruitment competition selection for the wilaya of Laghouat.

Within the framework of the competition organized by Sonatrach to select 293 employees in various specializations, which took place at the level of the University of Laghouat on November 11 and 12, 2022, and which continued until November 14, 2022 with regard to operational specializations such as maintenance of rotating machines, moving machines and large machinery, Sonatrach learned that 273 were accepted A winning candidate and the list of winners will be announced by the Employment Agency as applicable.

The competition, which affected young people living in the province of Laghouat, took place after the summons sent by the Employment Agency of the province of Laghouat to 2,327 candidates in order to compete for 293 job positions announced by Sonatrach to meet its needs at the level of its facilities in the Laghouat region. For your information, 1929 candidates participated in this competition, i.e. a participation rate of 83%.

The operation was supervised and supervised by a wilaya committee represented by various sectors headed by the director of employment for the wilaya of Laghouat, as well as the director of the employment agency for the same wilaya.

Sonatrach also knows that the twenty (20) unoccupied jobs will be the subject of an employment offer in the year 2023 in conjunction with the planned needs for the year 2023 at the level of the state of Laghouat.

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