Sonelgaz: Connecting the Tafraoui industrial zone with electricity and putting into service the mobile station in Skikda – Al-Houwar Algeria

The Sonelgaz complex announced, today, Wednesday, in a statement, the connection of the Tafraoui industrial zone in Oran Province with electricity, in order to meet the needs of industrial projects in the region, including the “Fiat” car factory.

The statement indicated that the “Sonelgaz – Electricity Transmission” company (a branch of the Sonelgaz complex) last Monday put into service a transmission and conversion station for electricity 220/30 kV with a capacity of 40 megawatts, in order to supply energy to the Tafraoui industrial zone in the state of Oran, to meet the needs of industrial investors, including the investor in Fiat Automotive Industry.

The same source highlighted that this achievement came “the embodiment of the program of the President of the Republic, Mr. regarding the energy needs of Oran Province.

On the other hand, the “Sonelgaz – Electricity Transmission” company, on December 21, in the state of Skikda, put into service the mobile station 10/60 kV to convert high-voltage electricity.

This station has a capacity of up to 20 megawatts through the high-voltage line of 60 kilovolts emanating from the main center “Ramadan Jamal” 60/220/400 kilovolts, with the aim of covering and securing the needs of Skikda with electric energy and ensuring the improvement of the quality of public service in this wilaya.

This comes “within the framework of implementing the commitments of the President and General Manager of Sonelgaz, Mr. Mourad Ajal, and in follow-up to a number of energy projects that he had announced during his meeting with Ms. Skikda on September 18th,” the same source highlights.

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