Special publication: Heavy rains in these states – Al-Hiwar Algeria

The meteorological services warned, in a special bulletin, of heavy rain in the central and western states today, Friday.
The vigilance map indicated in a second-level alert in orange that the concerned wilayas are: Algiers, Tipaza, Chlef, Mostaganem, Oran, Ain Temouchent, Tlemcen.

In addition to Blida, Medea, Djelfa, Ain Defla, Tsimsilt, Tiaret, Laghouat, Relizane, Mascara, Saida, Al-Beidh, Sidi Bel Abbas, Naama, Bechar

The expected amounts of rain for today range between 20 and 40 mm, and may locally exceed 50 mm, starting from midday today, Friday, to continue until eleven o’clock at night.

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