Strengthening control over psychotropic substances and their illegal sale – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The Minister of Pharmaceutical Industry, Ali Aoun, received a delegation from the National Council of the Deanship of Pharmacists, headed by Dr. Noureddine Metewi.

The Ministry stated that this meeting, which took place on Thursday, falls within the framework of permanent consultation and coordination with the various partners, especially with the Deanship of Pharmacists as an institutional body and power of suggestion.

The meeting centered, according to the same source, “on strengthening control over some drugs, such as psychotropic substances, and combating the illegal import and sale of drugs, or the so-called “kappa” drugs.”

During this meeting, the participants emphasized, the statement adds, “the need to reorganize the course of drug distribution through rationalization and a fair division of drug sales volumes to ensure their availability in all pharmacies and make them available to all patients of the country.”

The meeting allowed the two parties to discuss the regulatory and legislative aspect of nutritional supplements and the desire of the Deanship of Pharmacists to integrate them and consider them as pharmaceutical materials, “to better control their import, production, distribution and consumption for the benefit of citizens and the preservation of their health,” according to the ministry’s statement.

During the meeting, the new pharmaceutical ethics that are currently being prepared by the National Council of the Deanship of Pharmacists were discussed, especially aspects related to good practices for production and distribution, as well as the tasks and duties of the various pharmacists, technical managers and their assistants.

The meeting constituted an opportunity during which the Minister of Pharmaceutical Industry clarified his statements about pharmacists, technical directors of institutions specialized in importing and distributing medical equipment, as he indicated in this regard that “organizational amendments will be made not to cancel the job, but rather to reconsider the status and role of pharmacists, as well as the possibility or necessity of helping them through by biomedical engineers,” according to the same statement.

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