Tawahariya: Reconsideration of the general law of forests was an imperative – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairiah

Within the framework of studying the draft law on forests and forest resources, and in continuation of the series of meetings programmed to study it, the Agriculture, Fishing and Environmental Protection Committee held, today, Wednesday, a meeting chaired by Ali Ben Sabkak, Chairman of the Committee, devoted to listening to Jamal Taouahrih, Director General of Forests.

At the outset of his intervention, Tawahriya stressed that the forest sector faces many future challenges, and added that his directorate is currently working, based on the directives of the President of the Republic and the government’s action plan, to control and determine how to achieve the goal of reviewing the draft law, in the context of reviving awareness of the role of forests and wealth. Forestry in the development and promotion of the national economy within a national strategy that includes a set of directives prepared in accordance with the national social, economic and environmental policies aimed at preserving forest property, protecting biodiversity and the ability to adapt to climate changes within the framework of developing forest resources and their sustainable management.

In a related context, Tawahariya said that reconsidering the General Forestry Law, which was issued in 1984, was an inevitable necessity because it no longer kept pace with current developments. The forest area for investment, in addition to strengthening it with deterrent laws and texts that protect this national wealth.

During the discussion, the deputies appreciated the jurisprudence that came in the content of the legal text, and considered its provisions capable of contributing to activating forest activity and making it a source of development.

On the other hand, the concerns of the committee members centered on the role of the law in combating desertification and providing protection for livestock, especially those that are at risk of extinction. The deputies also raised concerns about the conditions for granting forest lands to investors, and the legal ways to waive forest lands located in the vicinity of cities for the purpose of building projects of public interest, in addition to To how to prepare a book of conditions for investors.

The members of the committee discussed other issues such as ways to activate the development mechanisms of forest heritage, especially afforestation projects and programmes, and the need to complete the forest survey process that would contribute to delineating the parameters and boundaries of forest wealth with which any encroachment can be monitored, as well as choosing trees and plants suitable for climatic and natural conditions. The need for coordination between the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Irrigation in order to think about establishing more water barriers.

Incidentally, the deputies asked for clarifications on the application texts of the text, the forest people and the forest groups, as well as other clarifications regarding Articles 31, 35 and 114 of the draft law.

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