Thanks to the translation of President Tebboune’s 54 pledges… Algeria 2022 is outside the control of the oligarchy – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

Algeria in 2022 will be completely different. The new Algeria is witnessing profound changes at the political, social, economic and cultural levels.

The country, which was in the grip of a dangerous and predatory oligarchy that interfered in state affairs, is no longer outside the circle of major economic and political transformations taking place in the world.

The President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, with his reformist approach, was able to elevate the country in a very short time to the ranks of emerging democracies.

Thanks to the translation of the 54th President Tebboune’s pledges on the ground, the country is witnessing rapid transformations, as the features of a developed Algeria that is witnessing industrial dynamism and the emergence of new legitimate institutions that have not been affected by the lobbies and the forces of inertia have become visible.

President Tebboune, who insists on guaranteeing all freedoms and advancing Algeria into a democratic country, has chosen direct contact with the people through his periodic meetings with the media and his tweets on Twitter, as the head of state at all important stages in the life of the nation enjoys popular approval.

The strength of the new institutions, economic and social development, and the strong return of Algerian diplomacy, as well as the Algerians’ adherence to their president and their pride in the policy he pursues, were evident in the failure of the remnants of the gang that still dreamed of the return of the old regime.

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