The ACS Group for Glass Industries launches a national and international invitation to establish a partnership – Al-Hiwar Algeria

Today, Tuesday, the Algerian Holding Company for Chemical Specialties (ACS) launched an open national and international invitation to establish a partnership project to revive and develop the glass industry activity at the level of its branch “Sovest” in Tebessa.

According to the notification of the invitation to participate launched by the complex, interested partners can withdraw the book of conditions for free at the General Directorate, or submit a request for participation via the e-mail designated for that, along with sending a copy of the commercial registration to the concerned person in order to obtain the book of conditions.

The period for preparing offers was set at 30 calendar days, starting from the date of the first issuance of the notice in the official bulletin of the public dealer deals (BOMOB) or the national daily newspapers.

It is noteworthy that the Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zagdar, paid a visit last January to the factory of the East Glass Company “Sovest”, which specializes in converting hollow glass, in the municipality of Water Al Abi (Tebessa Province), in which he stressed the need to accelerate its entry into service again, given its economic importance.

The glass factory was launched in Tebessa in 1995 on an area of ​​approximately 10 hectares, but it faced several financial difficulties.

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