The arrest of a foreign terrorist at Houari Boumediene Airport – Al-Hiwar Algeria

she said Security services at Houari Boumediene Airport arrested an active Franco-Lebanese terrorist named Khorshid Shahinaz.

The terrorist has a Lebanese Franco father and a Jordanian Franco mother, born in Marrakesh, Morocco. She was about to enter Algeria with an Algerian who had a customary marriage with her.

The terrorist had joined the Syrian areas of tension before fleeing to Turkey, to be smuggled towards a European country later.

The terrorist Khurshid also underwent high training and training, which enabled her to be integrated into several “jihadist” circles. She also works as an agent and spy, for the benefit of the circles she formed and controls.

After in-depth investigations by the security services, she was referred to the judiciary on February 21, to decide on her fate.

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