The artist Azzedine Boucharia was crowned in the best performance competition at the Algerian Music Festival – Al-Hiwar

Yesterday, Friday evening, the artist Ezz El-Din Boucharieh won the first place in the competition for the best singing performance at the closing ceremony of the tenth edition of the local festival of music and Soviet song, which was hosted by the House of Culture, Mohamed El-Amin Al-Amoudi, in the city center.

This artist deservedly won the first prize for the best performance, according to the jury’s report, which confirmed that he is a promising voice qualified to present an addition to the music and the Soviet song within the quartet of words, melody, performance and music.
The second prize was returned to the artist “Amin Makhloufi”, who entertained the audience with his distinguished performance, and he was the one who previously won the second prize in the national competition “Young Algeria Sings” organized by the national radio for the song “Lilbilad”, written and composed by Farid Makhloufi.

The third prize was returned to the artist “Shidala Abdel Jalil”, who left a mark in the ears of his listeners from the audience, as the jury confirmed that he was deservedly crowned, and the jury award was won by the artist “Akishi Khairy”.

18 artists participated in the revitalization of this festival, who presented their singing performances over the course of four days under the supervision of a jury.

This event was characterized by the presentation of musical performances by the most prominent artists who made the glory of the Soviet song and embodied in their performance this lyrical character, with the participation of four local bands.

On the sidelines of this festival, a series of exhibitions were held that include, in addition to introducing the nine previous editions of the festival, academic references and documents on the Soviet singing heritage, in addition to an exhibition highlighting the achievements of the late musician and composer Ali Labidi.

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