The capital..the National Gendarmerie puts an end to the activity of a drug gang – Al-Hiwar Algeria

Within the framework of combating crime of all kinds and based on information that there is an international criminal network that transcends national borders, is active in the field of trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, at the level of Algiers and its neighboring states.
Exploiting the information, investigations were intensified and the inquiry element was activated, where was the identity of the gang members who are dealing in drug trafficking, not to mention creating an atmosphere of insecurity and disturbing public order and public tranquility, and after completing all legal procedures, a tight security plan was developed by setting fixed and mobile formations, with the closure of all possible outlets And the inclusion of a formation that includes members of the Special Detachment of Intervention of the National Gendarmerie in Al-Ma’alama, the research platoon of the National Gendarmerie in Cheraga, claiming members of the units of the two regional battalions of the National Gendarmerie in Cheraga and Zaralda, where security raids were carried out and a group of people were arrested and taken to the headquarters of the research platoon to continue the investigation, where it was found that there were persons searched for In addition to the arrest of people caught in the act of selling drugs, and others who were tracked during the investigation phase.
The operation resulted in the seizure of 2 kg and 316 of hard drugs (cocaine), 40 kg and 445 grams of treated kif prepared for promotion, a quantity of hallucinogenic tablets, a significant amount of national and foreign currency, including forged banknotes, various white weapons and mobile phones, in addition to 17 tourist vehicles. And (01) motorcycle. With the arrest of 22 persons, including two (02) women, on charges of forming an association of evil people for the purpose of preparing a felony, the felony of possession, storage and transportation for the purpose of trafficking in narcotics, hard disks, narcotic substances and psychotropic substances by a transnational criminal group, a misdemeanor of impersonating others. A misdemeanor of putting into circulation counterfeit banknotes and a misdemeanor of possession of cold weapons without a legal justification.

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