The Chinese giant is in a major partnership with Algeria in strategic projects

The People’s Republic of China expressed, today, Tuesday, its readiness to enter into strategic investment projects of great importance in Algeria, including the railway project linking Gara Djebeilat and Bechar, as well as the railway project for transporting phosphates.
This willingness was expressed by the Chinese President, Mr. Xi Jinping, during his talks with the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, which dealt with many issues of concern to the two countries, including strategic economic files.
On the occasion of this meeting, the Chinese President expressed his country’s interest in the project of expanding the port of Annaba (east of Algiers), and also confirmed his country’s interest in establishing one of the largest lithium battery factories in Algeria.
During these talks, it was also agreed to open the Chinese market to Algerian products and to strengthen cooperation in the field of defense between the two countries.
The Chinese president also renewed his country’s absolute support for Algeria’s accession to the “BRICS” group, which includes, in addition to China, Russia, India, South Africa and Brazil.
The President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, was singled out for a full official reception by his Chinese counterpart, Mr. Xi Jinping, as this ceremony took place at the ancient people’s palace in accordance with the protocol reserved for leaders in the world, which reflects the depth of the deep-rooted historical relations between the two countries as well as the respect that the President of the Republic enjoys among leaders of countries.
The President of the Republic, accompanied by his Chinese counterpart, oversaw the signing ceremony of 19 documents between cooperation agreements and memorandums of understanding between the two countries covering different sectors and several areas of joint cooperation between the two countries.
For reference, the President of the Republic has paid a state visit to the People’s Republic of China since yesterday, Monday, at the invitation of his Chinese counterpart. This visit falls within the framework of strengthening strong and rooted relations and strengthening economic cooperation between Algeria and the People’s Republic of China.
President Tebboune is accompanied on this visit by an important ministerial delegation that includes Minister of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad Ahmed Ataf, Minister of Finance Aziz Fayed, Minister of Energy and Mines Mohamed Arkab, Minister of Post and Telecommunications Karim Bibi Triki, Minister of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production Ali Aoun, Minister of Trade and Export Promotion Tayeb Zitouni, Minister of Housing, Urbanism and the City Tarek Belaribi, Minister of Public Works, Irrigation and Basic Facilities Lakhdar Rakhroukh, and Minister of Knowledge Economy, Emerging Enterprises and Small Enterprises Yassin Mahdi Walid.

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