The education sector in M’sila is strengthened by several projects – Al-Hiwar Algeria

Today, the Wali of M’sila, Abdelkader Jellaoui, laid the foundation stone for several projects in the education sector, at the level of all the municipalities of Matarfa, Oulad Madi and Boussaada.

A project was launched to complete a compensatory primary school, class (A), under the name “Martyr Thamer Hijab”, in the village of Al-Hajjaba in the municipality of Al-Matarfa, provided that it is delivered with the next school entry. The foundation stone for a secondary school project, pattern “600/300”, was laid in Wajba Bawlad Madi. In addition to a project to complete the elementary class B in Bou Saada.

The state counts, according to the governor of M’sila, Abdelkader Jellaoui, 11 intermediate schools, with which the works started a while ago, in addition to 03 intermediate schools, which are present at the level of each of Sidi Amer, Sidi Issa and Al-Maadid, which are the projects, as he said: “that will be delivered, before the next school entry Considering this year as the harvest year for educational projects, and reassuring us to continue launching new projects in the same sector, in order to relieve pressure on educational institutions.

Al-Masila: Congratulations. Bodawood

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