The elimination of terrorists and the arrest of others in In Guezzam – Al-Hiwar, Algeria

People’s National Army detachments managed to eliminate two terrorists, one of whom had a charred corpse, and wounded others and arrested them in In Guezzam, according to a statement by the Ministry of National Defense, Saturday.

The statement said that the operation came as a result of an elaborate ambush with a qualitative operation near the southern border strip in the operational sector, An Quezzam, in the 6th Military Region.

Meanwhile, heavy weapons and other equipment, represented by 4 Toyota station wagons (burnt), were recovered. 3 heavy machine guns of the type 12.7 mm (burnt out). An FMPK machine gun (burnt), 6 burnt Kalashnikov PMAK machine guns. Kalashnikov PMAK in good condition. In addition to an unknown type (burnt) machine gun, a burnt RPG-7 rocket launcher. Burnt SVD sniper rifle. Thuraya phone, two smart phones, two phones.

The statement added, “This qualitative operation confirms once again the determination and vigilance of the People’s National Army forces to protect the borders.” And purify the country from the scourge of terrorism and extend security and tranquility throughout the country.

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