The English are counting on Mahrez’s friend to stop Mbappe – Al-Hiwar Algeria

Kylian Mbappe, top scorer in the Qatar World Cup 2022 with five goals, is the most dangerous element of the French national team for England’s chances of passing to the World Cup semi-finals.

And coach Gareth Southgate seeks to find an effective way to reduce the danger of the Paris Saint-Germain star in this confrontation, as he consults with his assistant Steve Holland daily about it, and it seems that the two men have reached the weapon capable of confronting the first star of France.

And Southgate relied on adopting an offensive plan to disrupt Mbappe’s speed, by playing with three players in the defense axis, with Kale Walker and Trippi on the wings, taking advantage of their speed and impulsiveness forward, to force Killian to commit to defensive duties. However, despite this, the England national team remains very wary of dealing with Mbappe, and Walker, the Manchester City player, will be like his shadow in this confrontation, especially since he is used to confronting big stars such as Mohamed Salah, the winger of Liverpool, and Riyad Mahrez, his current colleague in “City”, when Walker was playing. In Tottenham, where he met him more than once, and succeeded in reducing his danger, in the words of the player himself.

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