The entry into production of the zinc and lead mine project in Bejaia in 2026 – Al-Houwar Al-Jazairia

Maryam Touatila, general manager of the zinc and lead mine project in the Amizour and Tala Hamza regions of Bejaia, announced that it will enter into production during the year 2026.

This is a joint venture between Algeria and the Australian company Western Mediterranee Zinc, which holds an exploration license.
And the same official highlighted, in her intervention during a meeting devoted to presenting this project held yesterday, Monday, in the state, the stages that the latter will go through, starting from obtaining the license to exploit the mine expected during the first semester of this year until the settlement of the processing plant for these two minerals, passing through the process of obtaining the floors designated for this. the purpose.

She pointed out that the date of entering the Amizur mine into production coincided with the receipt of two projects that are currently under construction, namely the highway project linking the port of Bejaia and Anif and the project of duplication and electrification of the railway line Bejaia-Bani Mansour, and said that this timing would be “appropriate to ensure the transfer of the extracted from These two minerals to the port of Bejaia.

Ms. Tuatila confirmed that the transportation process will be carried out by “train carriages specially designed and equipped to avoid congestion on the two roads concerned, as well as to avoid any form of environmental pollution.”

For his part, one of the engineers of the Australian company explained that the method that will be used in extracting minerals from the mine is based on “traditional technology that is not polluted and does not pose any threat to the stability of the ground,” stressing that the project will be a “model” in the field of mines.

For reference, this structured project has a strategic nature for the country through its exploitable mining capabilities estimated at 34 million tons and an estimated annual production of 170,000 tons of zinc concentrate, according to figures provided by the Ministry of Energy and Mines in March 2022.

The ministry added that these figures confirm the importance of the project, which will reduce the import bill in order to meet national needs and increase income in hard currency by exporting surplus production.

With regard to employment, the exploitation of this mine will constitute an opportunity for holders of university degrees and graduates from vocational training centers by providing about 700 direct jobs without calculating its positive impact on the economic development of the region.

As for the environmental aspect, all the necessary studies have been completed to assess the impact of the project on the environment – as previously confirmed by the Ministry – noting that the method of exploitation that was adopted and approved responds to environmental standards and the natural characteristics of the mine.

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