The Finance Committee continues to study the draft law related to the rules of public accounting – the Algerian dialogue

Today, Sunday, the Finance and Budget Committee, headed by Lakhdar Salmi, Chairman of the Committee, held a meeting devoted to listening to a presentation by the Director General of the Treasury and Accounting Management of the State’s Financial Operations, and the Director General of the Budget, and this is within the framework of studying the draft law related to the rules of public accounting and financial management.

During his inauguration of the meeting, Salmi referred to the importance of the draft law under study in view of the new provisions it brought, the most important of which is the adoption of international standards for accounting in the public sector and the application of full accrual basis rules in proving the recording of revenues and public expenditures.

The head of the committee explained that such measures will allow achieving transparency in the management of public funds and improving the quality of government financial reporting.

In addressing the speech, the Director General of the Public Treasury gave an overview of the draft law and the basic measures proposed in it, as he indicated that the provisions of this organic law brought new concepts resulting from the development of budget systems, aimed at enhancing transparency and establishing the principle of programming and management based on results rather than means.

The same official presented a number of developments that came in the context of public accounting reform, represented in the adoption of three-dimensional accounting, the inclusion of financial statements within the state’s general account and the adoption of new accounting principles, the adaptation of the responsibilities and roles of the intervening agents, the identification of types of control, and the introduction of the principle of certification of accounts.

After completing the presentation, the committee members proceeded to study the 113 articles of this project.

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