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The Prime Minister, Ayman bin Abdelrahman, chaired today, Wednesday, a government meeting, during which files related to the sectors of finance, trade, national education, social security, as well as the general population and housing census field were studied, according to a statement of the prime minister’s interests.

And the statement of the interests of the Ministry of the Prime Minister confirmed that the Prime Minister, Ayman bin Abdul Rahman, chaired today, Wednesday, a meeting of the government, which was held at the government palace.

During its weekly meeting, the government examined the following points:

In the field of finance:

The government examined, in a first reading, a draft law amending and supplementing Ordinance No. 03-11 of August 26, 2003, relating to money and credit, submitted by the Minister of Finance.

The preliminary draft of this law, which falls within the framework of the course of social, economic and financial reforms initiated by the public authorities, aims to adapt the legal and regulatory system in response to profound economic and financial transformations and new technical and technological challenges, as well as to enable the opening of the sector to new actors.

In this regard, the proposed amendments included, in particular, the adaptation of the law to the comprehensive reforms taking place in the financial system and the modernization of the banking management professions, as well as the inclusion of new tools for monetary policy that would enhance its transmission mechanisms in order to achieve the major economic goals.

The listed amendments also aim to bring the organization in line with international best practices and standards, particularly in the field of strengthening the governance of the Bank of Algeria, the Monetary and Loan Council, the Banking Commission, as well as banks and financial institutions.

On the other hand, the preliminary draft of this law enshrines Islamic banking and the digitization of banking activity by opening up the banking ecosystem to digital banks and payment service providers, as well as electronic currency payments.

In the field of trade:

The government also studied, in a first reading, a preliminary draft law that defines the conditions for practicing commercial activities, which was submitted by the Minister of Trade and Export Promotion.

This preliminary draft provides for a complete revision of the provisions of Law No. 04-08 of August 14, 2004, in force, which has been amended and completed several times, and falls within the framework of economic reforms initiated by the public authorities, pursuant to the directives of the President of the Republic that he delivered during the Council of Ministers meeting. Held on May 8, 2022, aimed at improving the business climate in Algeria, especially after setting up the new system to facilitate the act of investment, by simplifying administrative procedures and reducing the deadlines for establishing enterprises.

It is worth noting that the preliminary draft of this law is based on a comprehensive approach to modernizing the commercial registry system, with the aim of restructuring it as a regulatory tool for the economic fabric, allowing the National Center for the Commercial Register to be primarily responsible for economic information related to economic dealers.

In addition, these proposed reforms aim to move towards a total generalization of the use of the electronic commercial register, which is an important element in simplifying and facilitating the life of institutions.

In addition, the Minister of Commerce and Export Promotion presented a draft executive decree specifying the modalities for the management and functioning of the electronic portal dedicated to the establishment of enterprises, as well as the modalities of registration, transfer, receipt of electronic documents and the granting of the common identification number.

In the field of national education:

The government has studied a draft executive decree that includes the reorganization and maintenance of the supply center with educational equipment and aids, which was submitted by the Minister of National Education.

This draft text aims to reorganize the Basic Law of the Center for the Supply and Maintenance of Educational Equipment and Aids, updated by Executive Decree No. 86-291 of December 9, 1986, as amended and supplemented. This endeavor is in line with the government’s action plan in the field of developing a quality normative framework in order to ensure good governance by reviewing the applicable regulatory texts that frame the work of the center, in order to achieve the following objectives:

Updating and clarifying the legal framework of reference for the center in order to define the tasks entrusted to it and the human, financial and material resources placed at its disposal to achieve its goals, keeping pace with new requirements, whether related to knowledge or technological systems of production and management dictated by the process of reforming the educational system initiated by the public authorities, achieving harmony and balance internal and external, with similar institutions, in view of the nature of the content of the tasks assigned to the center.

In the field of social security:

The Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Security presented a draft executive decree that includes the conversion of the Higher School of Social Security, a school outside the university, into a higher school, in accordance with the provisions of Executive Decree No. 16-176 of June 14, 2016, which defines the model basic law for the upper school.

Transforming this school into a higher school for social security would consolidate its position and role as a distinguished pole for higher training in the field of social security at the national and international levels. Good configuration and high efficiency.

Finally, in the field of the general population and housing census:

The Minister of Digitization and Statistics made a presentation that includes the outcome of the implementation of the Sixth General Census of Population and Housing, which was conducted between September 25 and October 16, 2022.

It is worth noting that after addressing the legal framework and the most important preparatory stages for this complex process, reference was made to the circumstances of the implementation phase of this process, as well as the supervision and follow-up measures taken.

In this context, it was recalled that the Sixth General Census of Housing and Housing was distinguished from previous operations by using information and communication technologies, especially through the use of smart boards instead of the usual paper form.

The preliminary results of this sixth general census of housing and housing will be presented three (3) months after the end of the data collection process, by mid-January 2023, while the final results will be available after six (6) months from the date of conducting the census process.

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