The governor of the capital: We recruited 8 hotels, 12 sanatoriums and 300 buses in preparation for “Shane”

The governor of the capital, Mohamed Abdel Nour Rabhi, stressed the provision of all the necessary human and material means to prepare well to receive the guests of Algeria in the best conditions, and to make the African Football Championship for local players “Shane 2022” a success.
The governor revealed, during the regular session of the Wilaya People’s Assembly, that 18 points have been identified across the territory of the wilaya of Algiers, to organize the currency of the delivery of tickets that will be sold electronically, in addition to harnessing more than 300 buses transporting supporters, free of charge, to the Baraki stadium through 18 collection points, and extending the hours of transportation. to one in the morning.
According to the governor, the new headquarters of the administrative district of Baraki was also exploited, to be at the disposal of the “SHAN” organizers, as a center for the delivery of credits, in addition to the opening of 8 hotel establishments for participating guests, and 12 hospital establishments for health evacuation.

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