The Greens are preparing for the World Cup against the Carthage Eagles

The men’s national handball team has started its final stage of preparations for the World Championship in its 28th edition, whose finals will be hosted by Poland and Sweden from January 11 to January 29, 2023.

Where the Greens signed in Group E, along with Germany, Qatar and Serbia, after the “Greens” won the World Cup visa after their victory against Guinea in the ranking meeting for the fifth and sixth places in Cairo for the 25th African Handball Cup of Nations.

And the national voter, Rabih Gharbi, announced the list of 19 players yesterday, as the Algerian Sebaa moved yesterday towards Tunisia to play two friendly matches against his Tunisian counterpart on January 4 and 6 in the Mohamed Mazali Hall in Monastir at five in the afternoon. The list came as follows: Khalifa Ghadban, Yahya Zamoushi, Reda Orib, Yassin Jadid, Rayan Abrous, Rafik Bounab, Mokhtar Kouri, Wael Malazem, Masoud Barkos, Sufyan Ben Djilali, Noureddine Hilal, Hisham Kabash, Abdul Qadir Rahim, Daoud Hisham, Nuri Salim Ben Halima, Sami Doshi, Ayoub Abdi, Bastian Kharmoush, Zuhair Naim.

The national voter, Rabih Gharbi, relied on the two friendly matches against Tunisia in order to raise the level of his players, especially in light of the great delay that the squad is experiencing in terms of preparation, after the great problems that the team encountered, most notably the late start of the national championship, which kept most of the players from competing for months. long.

In the 28th edition of the World Cup-2023, Algeria will play in Group E, with the teams of Qatar, Serbia and Germany. The national squad will start the World Championship against Serbia on Friday, January 13, in Spodak Bakatovic Hall (Bologna), for the first day of the preliminary round of Group E. After that, Qatar will meet, on Sunday, January 15, in the same hall, to end the preliminary round against Germany on Tuesday, January 17, in Spodak Hall, always. As a reminder, Africa will be represented in the 2023 World Cup by five teams, namely: Egypt – Cape Verde – Morocco – Tunisia – Algeria.

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