The heads of the parliamentary groups value the measures and provisions contained in the Finance Law for the year 2023 – the Algerian dialogue

For the second day in a row, members of the National Assembly continued their interventions, as well as the heads of parliamentary groups represented in the parliament, in the public session dedicated to discussing the text of the Finance Law for the year 2023, held this morning, Tuesday, headed by Salih Goujil, Speaker of the National Assembly, and in the presence of Brahim Jamal Kasali, Minister of Finance. In his capacity as representative of the Government, Ms. and Messrs. Yacine Merabi, Minister of Vocational Training and Education; Mohamed Abdel Hafeez Hani, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development; Lakhdar Rakhroukh, Minister of Public Works, Irrigation and Basic Facilities; Abdelhak Sayhi, Minister of Health; and Basma Azwar, Minister of Relations with Parliament.

The session began with depleting the list of 11 registered participants. Their interventions varied between concerns related to the fields of development and the financial funds allocated for them, and others related to the living reality of the citizen at the local level in the areas of employment, agriculture, health, education and mines, as well as investment, tax reform and incentives for economic dealers. And the establishment of a national network of emerging enterprises, which are measures that aim to create jobs and improve the living conditions of citizens.

After that, the heads of the parliamentary groups represented in the Council (Al-Ahrar, the National Democratic Assembly, the Presidential Third Party and the National Liberation Front) addressed the floor in succession, who expressed the position of their political families, on the content of the text of this law. The text of the law under discussion came with different visions to achieve specific goals over a period of 03 years, which is an unprecedented methodology, which made it consistent with achieving the desired goals that we emphasized during the discussion of the government’s general policy statement, noting that the text moved from the expenditure budget to the goals budget, which is a successful pattern. in managing and preserving public funds.

For his part, Afif Senoussa, head of the parliamentary group of the National Democratic Assembly, praised the text of the law, which is based on amending the framework law for financial laws, as a new pattern of financial governance that is based on the budget of goals and programs. He also noted that it is free from any new fees and taxes, praising the decisions of the President of the Republic aimed at valuing the wage network, granting the unemployed, reviving retirement grants, and lifting the freeze on development projects, calling for giving priority to stalled projects, especially in vital sectors, and for further measures to create permanent jobs and protection. Fragile groups in the face of monopoly and speculation methods and price inflammation.

As for Saed Arous, head of the parliamentary group for the presidential third, he considered that the text of the Finance Law of 2023 translates the balance achieved by the state between the country’s capabilities, development plans and citizen’s needs on the one hand, and between the global economic situation and the international transformations taking place; He pointed out that the President of the Republic continues his approach and efforts to preserve the social gains and the social character of the state through a package of deep economic reforms that have begun to bear fruit in all fields, which represents the priority of the national development policy of the President of the Republic.

The intervention of the parliamentary group of the National Liberation Front party was the conclusion of this debate, as Ahmed Saleh Latifi, the head of the group, praised the forward-looking vision of the President of the Republic, Mr. And the sectoral strategy, appreciating this new approach, calling for follow-up on its implementation in the field, and expressing the hope of the parliamentary group of the National Liberation Front that this new model will have a positive echo on the financial reality away from the classic model.

It should be noted that the representative of the government, the Minister of Finance, will respond to the interventions of the members of the National Assembly, as well as the heads of the parliamentary groups, in discussing the text of the Finance Law for the year 2023 in the public session scheduled to be held after noon today, starting at three thirty (15h and 30h).

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