The Independent National Authority for Elections opens the door for employment – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The Independent National Authority for Elections announced the opening of candidacy for the rank of state engineer in automated information at the first level, and this is within the limits of 8 positions.
The Elections Authority stated, in a statement, today, Tuesday, that the recruitment process is carried out according to the conditions stipulated in Resolution No. 54 of November 18, 2020, which includes a wire code and ranks of employees of the Independent National Authority for Elections.

The source pointed out that candidates who meet the conditions for holding Algerian nationality or acquired a legal status towards national service are selected and that they are not sentenced to a final judgment for committing a felony or misdemeanor that has imposed a penalty of deprivation of liberty.

Also among the conditions is the necessity of not belonging to any political party or not exercising an electoral mandate, and that the candidate possesses a state engineer’s degree or a master’s degree in information technology, or an equivalent certificate.

The authority called on those wishing to run for this position in his state of residence to submit his candidacy application through the recruitment portal of the Independent National Authority for Elections, while uploading the required documents electronically, before the date of January 19, at four o’clock after noon.

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