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The Director of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina Georgieva, said that the new year will be difficult for most of the world’s economies, and that a third of the global economy will be in recession in 2023.

Kristalina Georgieva commented on the latest reports of the International Monetary Fund, which “expects a year of turmoil,” by saying that “half of the European Union countries will slip into recession, this is what we will see in 2023. It will be a difficult year for most of the global economy, and more difficult than the year we leave behind us. Why? Because the growth rates of the three largest economies, the United States, the European Union and China, are slowing down at the same time.

And the director of the International Monetary Fund indicated on the (Face the Nation) news program on CBS channel that the new year will be “more difficult than the year we leave behind.” Currently in the world, stressing that “half of the European Union will be in recession in 2023.” And in October, the International Monetary Fund cut its forecast for global economic growth for 2023. “For the first time in 40 years, China’s growth is likely to be in 2022,” Georgieva said. equal to or less than global growth,” that the expected significant increase in coronavirus infections there in the coming months will likely harm the Chinese economy this year and affect the growth of the region and the world. …But that will change once people start to travel.”

She added, “In the next two months, it will be difficult for China and the impact on Chinese growth, and on the region as a whole, will be negative, as it will be negative on global growth.” It reaches a third of the world’s economies. She added, “The United States is the most resilient, and it may avoid a recession. We see that the labor market (there) is still very strong.”

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