The Jordanian king in Algeria to restore economic paths to normal – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The head of the Jordan and Amman Chambers of Industry, Eng. Fathi Al-Jaghbir, said that the visit of King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein to Algeria is a great opportunity and an economic and commercial path for the private sector.

The Petra News Agency quoted Fathi Al-Jaghbir as saying that the royal visit is of great importance, in order to activate partnerships between the two countries, especially after the Corona pandemic receded and the economic paths returned to normal.

Jaghbir said in a statement today, Sunday, that the king always paves the way for the private sector to benefit from economic opportunities in the countries of the world, in addition to promoting investment opportunities and the productive capabilities of the Kingdom, and called on the government and the private sector to translate the royal visit to Algeria on the ground through the conclusion of commercial partnerships that contribute By raising the pace of production, the volume of exports and trade exchange in general.

He pointed out that the Jordan Chamber of Industry participated in many economic exhibitions and conferences in Algeria, with the aim of enhancing economic cooperation between the two countries. He added that the industrial sector has a high competitive ability and is ready to increase the volume of its exports to Algeria, stressing the importance and potential of the Algerian market for the Kingdom.

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