The late Mahfouz Qarabaj will be buried in Sidi Razin Cemetery – Al-Hiwar Algeria

Today, Mahfouz Qarabaj, former president of the National Professional Football League, was buried in the Sidi Razin cemetery in Baraki, east of the capital, where he was buried by a large crowd of his small family, as well as the football family who were present at the funeral.

The former head of Belouizdad Youth had moved to the second home, after a long-term incurable illness, where he died the day before yesterday at his family home in Saeed Hamdin.

Minister Sabak was present

The funeral of the former president of the professional league was attended by many national personalities, such as the Minister of Youth and Sports, Abdel Razzak Sabkak, who conveyed the condolences of President Abdelmadjid Tebboune to the family of the deceased, stressing that the deceased gave a lot to Algerian football, and the sports movement in general.
Association presidents and club presidents were present

Yesterday, the funeral was attended by many sports figures, including the heads of the national associations, who were led by the current head of the professional association, Abdelkarim Medowar, and the former head of the Algiers League, Mohamed Hamoum. Similar to Omar Gharib, Muhammad Al-Ayeb, and Saeed Aliq.

The young family was also present

And since Mahfouz Qarabaj, may God have mercy on him, had presided over the Belouizdad Youth Club for a long time, many former players in Al-Shabab, such as Rabeh, Makhoot, Abdat and Nassim Osrir, in addition to former President Reda Malik, and his then-Vice Hamza Bodumi.

Actor Lakhdar Boukhars was also present

Many artists who have a relationship with the former president of Belouizdad Youth, Mahfouz Qarabaj, were present, such as Lakhdar Boukhars, with whom he has a neighborly relationship, and said that he had great love for this man who served Algerian football.

A minute’s silence across the national stadiums

On the other hand, the National Professional Football League announced that a minute of silence will be held across the national stadiums today, as a tribute to the soul of the deceased. The League published, on its official page, a statement, in which it called on all clubs to observe a minute of silence during the 13th round matches.

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