The launch of the activities of the National Cultural Festival of Malhoun Poetry in Mostaganem – Al-Hiwar Algeria

Yesterday evening, Thursday, in Mostaganem, the activities of the ninth edition of the National Cultural Festival of Melhoun Poetry dedicated to Sheikh “Sidi Lakhdar Ibn Khallouf” (the sixteenth century) kicked off.
The opening ceremony of this cultural event, which was held at the House of Culture, Ould Abd al-Rahman Kaki, was distinguished by the presentation of an artistic installation entitled “Say it with the Melhoun”, which included reciting several stanzas of poetry by the pillars of Algerian Malhon poetry, such as Lakhdar bin Khalouf, Mustafa bin Ibrahim, Qaddour bin Ashour Al-Zarhouni, Abdullah bin Krio, Mohanad Oumhand and Sayed Ahmed Al-Alawi, followed by a musical performance and a lyrical and theatrical performance by composer and musician Amin Sheikh.
Mrs. Qasi Hassiba, representative of the Minister of Culture and Arts, Mrs. Sourieh Moloji, confirmed in her opening speech that “this authentic art (i.e. recited poetry) known for its distinctive color, sweetness of weight and originality of its content, which derives from our ancient heritage that has withstood despite all the efforts of French colonialism to obliterate it, was one of the means by which it defended Algerian people for their existence and identity.
And the same spokeswoman added, “This festival comes this year to deepen the communication links between the present and the glorious history, especially as we celebrate within this year the sixtieth anniversary of the restoration of national sovereignty, adhering to the spirit of the salt and through it our identity and originality that are sponsored by the queens of creators of renewal and modification.”
During this ceremony, the festival’s governorate presented two documentaries, one of which was titled “The Malhun Poetry, Memory of a Nation” and the second about the publications of the National Cultural Festival of Malhun Poetry. It honored Sheikh Al-Malhun with his Bedouin character, Ahmed Al-Ghelizani, for his artistic career and contributions in the field of preserving the Bedouin song and the salted poetic heritage.
During this ceremony, poems were presented by the poets “Qaada Dahu”, “Abdul Qader Orabi”, “Mohammed Chamarikh”, “Saeed Bouachrine” and the poet “Laila Oqab”, and lyrical links in the Bedouin character with Sheikh “Ahmed Al-Ghelizani” and another in the popular song with Sheikh “ Syed Ali Laqam.
The program of the National Cultural Festival for Malhoun Poetry includes the organization of a national study forum entitled “Dialogue on the Algerian Malhoun” in the main library of public reading, Moulay Belhamisi, and three artistic evenings with 25 poets and 6 singers from 17 provinces, as indicated by the organizers.

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