The Minister of Youth and Sports, addressing the media: “Be patriotic and professional” – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

“Be patriotic as well, in addition to your professionalism,” said the Minister of Youth and Sports, upon his arrival as a guest at the Dialogue Forum, addressing the media family, as he considered that the role of the media is to present an honorable and beautiful image of Algeria, which can be an incubator for various sporting events, as he praised the race in He spoke about the role of sports journalism and considered it an essential partner for youth and sports.

He said that you have seen what Qatar has achieved in organizing the World Cup, and he said that this is the role of the soft power of sport that even makes policies and directs them, as if you built a country in a certain period and a certain time without friction, so consensus and fertilization were achieved between societies, and we saw How did the world know the Arab and Islamic culture through Qatar?

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