The Ministerial Meeting of Africans announces the adoption of new mechanisms in the field of emerging institutions – the Algerian Dialogue

Today, Tuesday, the ministerial meeting of Africans at the African Emerging Enterprises Conference included decisions that include new mechanisms that establish the first high-level African-African cooperation in the field of startups by including it as a national economic priority within the framework of government and development programs for African countries.

On the other hand, emphasis was placed on coordinating activities and policies at the continental level to upgrade Africa’s position in the global ecosystem

In order to embody the outcomes of the African Ministerial Meeting regarding the field of startups, it was agreed to establish national focal points and form a permanent secretariat for the African Conference for Startups, to follow up and activate the roadmap. The idea of ​​establishing an African Ministerial Council in charge of startups in the African Union was also adopted as a space for the official dialogue of ministers. In charge of startup companies.

In addition to these procedures, work will be done to appoint an incubator or accelerator to be the point of contact for the ecosystem of startups, to be the point of connection between the various African ecosystems, and a “soft-landing” for startups, in order to enhance communication between them. These incubators will be supported by their governments.

As for financing, it was decided to study the possibility and feasibility of establishing a fund of African funds for startups, in order to finance innovative projects in the continent, while facilitating the movement of startups and talents through coordination with the competent authorities of various countries to facilitate the transfer of talents and startups throughout the African continent.

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