The Ministry of Culture: 510 artist cards were delivered during the month of January – Al-Hiwar, Algeria

Within the framework of the endeavor of the Ministry of Culture and Arts, under the supervision of Souria Moulouji, to study the “artist card” application files by the specialized committees established for this purpose, and after 161 cards were recently handed over, which relate, as a first stage, to old outstanding files between the years 2016 and 2021, as they were sent to their owners. through the Directorates of Culture.

As a second phase of the process, between the months of November and December 2022, 1,606 files were studied, and among these files, the committee approved 510 files distributed over 06 categories, and we note that the state directorates of culture and arts will communicate with the artists concerned in order to hand them the cards in the first week of the month January, which is divided into the following categories: Lyrical and Musical Arts: 300 cards, Visual (Fine) Arts: 80 cards, Dance and Choreographic Arts: 25, Performing Arts: 50 cards, Literature Category: 40 cards, Cinema Category: 15 cards, Grand Total: 510 cards

It is worth noting that, with the completion of the second phase, 671 cards have been issued since the inauguration of the National Council for Arts and Letters on May 17, 2022, while the studied files that are awaiting the completion of the required documents amounted to 1096 files, and the files that are currently sorted at the level of the National Council for Arts secretariat And etiquette, they are 708 files.

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