The Ministry of Culture: Reconsidering training and increasing the productivity of training programs – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

Within the framework of the Ministry of Culture and Arts’ endeavor to advance artistic formation in Algeria, and to achieve the desired leap for all students of arts and music in order to achieve the cultural aspirations of our country, the meeting of the Minister of Culture and Arts, Suria Moulouji, with the directors of training institutions under the tutelage of the Ministry of Culture and Arts, took place on September 05 and 06, 2022 at the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture and Arts. The Ministry, where various issues and problems related to this matter were discussed, for the Minister to provide a set of directives and instructions, foremost of which is to reconsider training and raise the profitability of training programs, and enhance the efficiency of graduates, with the need to work with the economic sector to enrich the national cultural space to monitor the foundations of the economy, and accordingly it was done Taking the following measures, which led to a number of outputs, most notably the establishment of quality assurance units in all training institutions in the culture and arts sector.

Committees and representatives to evaluate and continuously improve all educational activities and student services, with the inclusion of all officials, professors, students, administrative and technical workers in the evaluation.

Formation of two educational committees for arts and music to think about ways to adapt formative programs to international standards for higher education and scientific research in the fields of arts and music.

The committees presented the results and outputs during the meeting held on November 17, 2022 at the Higher Institute for Performing Arts and Audiovisual Professions, where they indicated the need to take into account the different programs and disciplines between arts and music, and it was emphasized that it is necessary to support the two committees to harmonize training programs, and organize training courses for committees and professors, And another for members of the quality assurance cells, where these committees work under the supervision and guidance of the Minister of Culture and Arts to achieve the goals of reviewing arts and music programs in order to suit them with the standards of higher education and scientific research, defining the educational goals of the program according to the professional achievements that graduates are expected to achieve, defining the skills that Acquired by the graduate from each program, which are compatible with international standards, implementing the competency-based approach in training programs, empowerment and within the framework of training results, developing a guide to quality assurance in training institutions in the culture and arts sector, and a guide for each training program that is offered, in addition to a guide Standards of proficiency in arts and music, without neglecting to develop a curriculum for each formation based on competency and the curriculum of the course, in addition to To take into account the competencies of the students that will be evaluated and accompanied by the professor in charge of the course.

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