The Ministry of Foreign Affairs responds to the European Union Commission regarding Spain – the Algerian dialogue

A senior official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad confirmed, today, Thursday, that the Assistant Director-General in charge of trade in the European Union Commission “deliberately created confusion between the political and commercial dimension” by expressing the European Union’s “concern” and addressing the alleged “deterrent measures” it had taken. Algerian government against Spain.

And the same speaker explained that, “Of course, this official did not address at all the obstructive position of the Spanish government, which stands in the way of adopting the partnership priorities that were negotiated and finalized several months ago within the framework of the European Neighborhood Policy, and he also turned a blind eye to the position of Spain is irresponsible, as it exploits in an arbitrary manner the unanimous rule to obstruct the convening of the Partnership Council, which is the political-legal body charged with delving into all political, economic and commercial affairs.

In the end, the same official confirmed that “these show moves and pressures exerted by Spain are useless and do not affect us at all.”

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