The Ministry of Health calls for preventive measures from the heat wave

Today, Sunday, the Ministry of Health reminded of the precautions that must be taken due to the high temperature during these days in a number of states of the country, and the necessary preventive measures inside and outside homes.

The Ministry of Health considers children, the elderly, and those with chronic diseases the category most at risk of heat, and it is required during this period to adhere to these precautions:

Closing the external shutters/windows and the curtains on the façade of the residences exposed to the sun

Keep windows closed as long as the temperature outside is higher than inside

Avoid going out during the hottest times

– If going out is necessary, let it be early in the morning or late in the evening

– In the event that you have to go out, it is advised to wear light and spacious clothes and to stay under the shade, away from continuous exposure to the sun;

Shower several times a day, if possible

Drink enough drinks, avoiding those that contain a large amount of sugar or caffeine

Avoiding outdoor activities (sports, gardening, various simple works…)

The Ministry of Health recommended paying attention to a number of symptoms during a severe heat wave, which indicate heatstroke and the need to act quickly and call an ambulance (emergency medical services, civil protection). While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, the person who has one of these symptoms must be moved to a cool place.

Drinking water

Spray it with cold water (or cover it with a wet cloth) and ventilate it, and the symptoms are – headache

– The desire to vomit

-Extremely thirsty

An unusually high skin temperature, with redness and dryness


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