The National Association of Merchants, Investors and Craftsmen supports the decision to oblige producers to adopt the vertical symbol.

The National Association of Merchants, Investors and Craftsmen endorsed the joint ministerial decision containing the technical regulations for the code-barre conditions.

And the association’s statement stated: Obligating producers to adopt the bar code (which includes all information and data related to the product) aimed at encouraging the marketing of the national product and facilitating its export. It also contributes to reducing fraud and counterfeiting, in addition to being a guarantee of consumer rights. The National Association of Merchants, Investors and Craftsmen, the joint ministerial decision that includes the technical regulations for the conditions of the vertical symbol, it stresses the necessity of adopting it before the date specified by the Ministry of Commerce and Export Promotion, which is March 29, 2023.

The association also called on all dealers and producers to approach the directorates of commerce and export promotion, chambers of commerce and industry, or representatives of the association in the states in which they are active, in order to know the conditions and procedures for adopting the vertical symbol. It also calls on merchants in general and wholesalers in particular to sensitize their suppliers. Initiating its approval before the specified date and reminding them to prevent the marketing of the concerned products starting from March 29, 2023 if they do not include the vertical symbol in accordance with the laws and procedures in force.

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