The National Council for Human Rights commends the state’s efforts to eradicate illiteracy – the Algerian dialogue

Today, Saturday, the National Council for Human Rights praised the state’s efforts to eradicate the phenomenon of illiteracy, registering its satisfaction with the achievements made within the framework of embodying “sustainable development built on solid foundations for an Algeria of equal opportunities.”

In a message to it on the occasion of the Arab Day for the Eradication of Illiteracy, which falls on the eighth of January of each year, the Council said that, “out of its awareness of the seriousness of illiteracy,” it “hails the efforts of the state that is steadily launching special programs aimed at eradicating illiteracy among women, nomads, and people with special needs.” With the involvement of civil society actors in spreading sensitization and awareness among all residents of the regions to integrate all social segments.

In the same context, the Council renewed its “absolute support for the efforts of the state and civil society to eradicate illiteracy in a society that is moving towards achieving sustainable development based on solid foundations for a state in which the principles of an Algeria of equal opportunities are realized,” recording with “full satisfaction these achievements that enter with pride and honor.” In the records of the nation’s glories.

In the context of performing its mission, accompanied by the various interests concerned with the ultimate eradication of illiteracy, the Council pledged to include in its national plan for human rights “work to eradicate illiteracy, which is part of the state’s programs that are consistent with the deadlines of the United Nations calendar to achieve the goals of sustainable development with the 2030 horizons.” .

On the occasion of the Arab Day for the Eradication of Illiteracy approved by the League of Arab States in 1970, the National Council for Human Rights recalled the efforts of the Algerian state in confronting this scourge since independence, as “Algeria raised the ceiling of the challenge high and proceeded steadily towards the eradication of illiteracy among its citizens,” highlighting that this “The firm stance in the face of illiteracy was an expression of a strong reaction to the deliberate ignorance of the colonization of the people of Algeria.”

He pointed out that the state’s programs intersected with the “honorable work” of civil society associations, led by the “Iqraa” association, adding that “priority was given in all these programs to girls and residents of rural areas, and to the age group 15-49 years, due to the social and economic impact it entails.” This segment and the expected active role in participating in national life,” he said, noting that the results of these efforts led to “a decline in the illiteracy rate in Algerian society to reach 7.40 percent in 2022.”

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