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One of the most prominent events during 2022, which confirmed the strong return of Algerian diplomacy to the fore, and enabled it to play an important role in promoting joint Arab action and achieving Palestinian unity, is Algeria’s embrace of the works of the 31st Arab summit, under the slogan “Arab reunion.”
This was confirmed by the “Algeria Declaration” issued by the summit, which was described as “excellently successful, and in which Algeria made unremitting efforts so that the Arab summit held on its soil would be an opportunity to “re-broadcast the spirit of Arab solidarity” emanating from history and common destiny, and to transform these challenges into a motive with the aim of arranging Arab House.

Based on its well-established traditions in defending Arab causes, the gathering of Arab leaders at their summit in Algeria, after a three-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, was an occasion during which the President of the Republic, Mr. And to assume its role as a “strong and influential” Arab organization to enable it to face current and future challenges, to serve the aspirations and hopes of the Arab peoples and the stability of the region.

The Arab summit in Algeria was considered an “extraordinary event” because it was held under complex circumstances characterized by the multiplicity and pursuit of crises on the international scene, which did not spare the Arab countries from their consequences, but this did not prevent Algeria from raising the challenge and winning the bet on organizing this important event.

Algeria took advantage of hosting this meeting to consult again and discuss the issues of the Arab nation, as it worked to make “real and responsible” Arab solidarity a necessity that would strengthen the capabilities of Arab countries and give them weight to negotiate and confront challenges.

Algeria’s endeavor to find solutions to the crises on the regional scene and to strengthen Arab cohesion stems from the foundations and principles of its foreign policy, which are characterized by wisdom, advocacy of truth and justice, and the predominance of the language of dialogue and understanding. Its choice to convene the Arab summit on the date of the 1st of November, coinciding with the outbreak of the liberation revolution, has implications. It stems from its firm principles expressed in the statement of the first of November 1954, related to the right of oppressed peoples to self-determination.

Success on all levels
And based on its long-established traditions in defending Arab causes, Algeria worked to make the Great Arab Meeting a new occasion in order to emphasize the centrality of the Palestinian cause and to continue defending it, given that this issue is for Algeria “the mother of issues across all times.”

Accordingly, it is calculated for President Tebboune that he succeeded, days before the Arab Summit, in reuniting the Palestinians on the land of Algeria, after the Palestinian factions remained divided and discordant for 15 years, as he took the initiative to invite their representatives to participate in the “Reunification Conference for the sake of Palestinian national unity.” In his sincere attempt to reach an agreement before the summit, an initiative that culminated last October 13 with the so-called “Algeria Declaration”, which puts an end to the division and will serve as a solid ground for achieving unity between them.

This initiative received wide Palestinian and international acclaim, as the Palestinian factions that signed the reconciliation agreement described it as a “great victory for the Palestinian cause,” expressing “its appreciation for the efforts and role of Algeria and President Tebboune in bringing about Palestinian reunification.”

Observers believed that the signing by the Palestinian factions of the reconciliation agreement in Algeria, under the direct auspices of President Tebboune, “contributed to bringing the Palestinian issue back not only to the forefront, but also to the focus of Arab and international attention,” especially on the occasion of the Arab Summit.

According to many analysts, the Arab Summit constituted a global event in which representatives of several international organizations participated, and this confirms the pivotal role of Algeria at the regional, African, Arab, Euro-Mediterranean and international levels.

The Algiers summit was also unique in that it dealt for the first time with specific topics such as food security, water security, energy security, climate change issues, and the need for Arab solutions to Arab problems.

Algeria’s efforts to reunite and unite Arab endeavors for a unified future for the countries of the region were widely praised by the participants, as well as by the Arab and international media, which considered that the Arab summit was “Palestinian par excellence”, as it was “a milestone in reunification and weaving threads of trust.” After the President of the Republic was able to gather the largest possible number of Arab leaders to participate in the important Arab event, which earned Algeria and its leadership additional diplomatic success.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad, Ramtane Lamamra, confirmed at the conclusion of the summit that this date was “successful Algerian, Arab and international”, given Algeria’s keenness to provide all the conditions for success in terms of logistical or political aspects, in addition to the personal involvement of the President of the Republic in the preparation process. for him.

For his part, the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, appreciated Algeria’s efforts and success in organizing the 31st Arab summit, which was “among the most attended summits in terms of level,” noting that the summit’s association with the 68th anniversary of the 1st November revolution “gave it a special character.” At the same time, recording the “great agreement” between the leaders in the visions, and not monitoring any “reservations of note.”

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