The second day of the Algiers International Forum.. A call to collect and value the scientific and intellectual heritage of Imam Muhammad ibn Abd al-Karim al-Maghili – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

Researchers and professors specialized in Islamic heritage from Algeria and abroad called today, Tuesday, in Algiers, for the need to collect and value the scientific and intellectual heritage of Imam Muhammad ibn Abd al-Karim al-Maghili, to revive the legacy and memory of this unique Algerian personality, and to establish a center for African research bearing the name of Imam al-Maghili to delve deeper into the dimension. African thought.

During the works of the second day of the Algerian International Forum, “Imam Muhammad ibn Abd al-Karim al-Maghili: Governance, Stability and Unity of African Societies”, which was hosted by the International Conference Center Abdel Latif Rahal, the participants called for collecting the heritage of this pioneering Algerian personality from manuscripts distributed across many countries and highlighting On his political and economic thought.

In this context, the Secretary-General of the Supreme Islamic Council, Bouzid Boumediene, appealed to the various corners in Algeria, Africa and other regions of the world that the imam visited during his scientific trips to “collect and value the manuscripts they have, protect them and work on digitizing them to be a scientific material for research students.”

Mr. Bouzid indicated that, in the same endeavor, we should work on “establishing a center for African studies bearing the name of Imam al-Maghili to collect his memory and manuscripts, allocate a museum for him to collect his belongings and antiquities, as well as create a tourist path that follows the footsteps of the Imam’s path to deepen the African dimension that formed the focus of Imam al-Maghili’s thought.

In turn, the researcher in heritage and the director of the Algerian National Library, Mounir Bahadi, stressed the need to collect the heritage of the scholar distributed across many regions of the world, noting that “modern restoration methods for manuscripts allow a good preservation of this national memory to be easily available to researchers.”

Dr. Bahadi stated that the importance of the manuscripts of Imam al-Mughili lies in the fact that they are current texts on various topics, as he lived in an unstable historical period at all levels and practiced religious reform with a moderate approach, and then he faced problems that forced him to find solutions and practice diligence in a large way.

The researcher, Othman Abu Bakr Moaz, from the Nigerian University of Kano, considers that Al-Maghili’s heritage is “a product of genius that reflects the African dimension in his thought and his genius in many fields.” While the researcher, Al-Eid Jallouli, suggested, “the creation of a research team to collect his heritage distributed in corner cabinets and museums for investigation and cataloging.” and value it.”

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