The security of El Tarf state overthrows an international criminal network specialized in drug trafficking – Al-Hiwar Algeria

The search and intervention team of the state interest of the judicial police in the security of the state of El Tarf managed to dismantle and put an end to the activity of an international criminal network specialized in illegal drug trafficking, which is active at the level of several states of the country, starting from the western border to the eastern border, consisting of six (6) people, including 2 Of Moroccan nationality, and the rest are from the states of Souk Ahras, Annaba and El Tarf, between the ages of 32 and 42 years.

The operation also enabled the seizure of 11.9 kg of cannabis, 118 plates and an amount of money from the national currency, and the arrest of a tourist car, which is used by members of the network in their criminal operations.

The case is due to the fact that the police interests of the state interest of the judicial police in the security of the state of El Tarf received information indicating the existence of an international criminal network in the process of transporting a quantity of drugs coming from one of the western states towards the city of El Tarf and delivering it near the border areas on board a tourist vehicle for the same interests to prepare a professional security plan It enabled the arrest of members of the criminal network successively, including two subjects of Moroccan nationality, and the arrest of the vehicle used in criminal operations, along with the seizure of approximately 12 kg of cannabis, so that the concerned persons would be transferred to the state security headquarters to complete the legal procedures. After completing all investigation procedures, a judicial file was completed against the aforementioned Importing, transporting, and possessing for the purpose of selling drugs within the framework of an organized criminal group, according to which they were brought before the competent judicial authorities at the Kala Court, where five of them were issued a deposit order in a re-establishment institution (including the two Moroccans) and the sixth party was placed under the obligations of judicial control

Bilal bin Qaita

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